Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Open A Return?

In order to open up a return, you will need to submit an RMA form for each item you wish to return. The process is very simple and is outlined here. After that is done, we will get you a return shipping label to send the item(s) back.

Has My Order Shipped? Where Can I Find My Tracking Number?

Once we prepare a shipment an email confirmation will be sent to the email that is registered with your account at the time the order was placed. At the end of the day, all tracking numbers are uploaded to your purchase history and can be viewed Here, though you must be logged in.

Will My Order Be Shipped Today?

All orders will ship same day on non-holiday weekdays as long as the order is placed before 4:00 PM AZ. Since we are located in Arizona, this time changes since Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings. From March 8th - November 1st We are on Pacific Time. Otherwise we are on Mountain Time.

Why Can I Not Get Free Shipping?

This is a very difficult topic since free shipping has for the most part become standard. The problem is that there is just no such thing as free shipping. Anyone who has offered you free shipping has simply included the cost of shipping in the purchase price of the product and hidden it. This would be very easy to do if everyone just purchased one item at a time, but for our customers who purchase large orders, we would essetially be charging them for shipping several times over instead of just once.

What Are Aftermarket LCDs?

Basically it is an LCD assembly that has been put together with non original parts. Please see our documentation Here.