Aftermarket/Refurbished LCDs

What is an Aftermarket LCD?

Aftermarket LCDs are not 100% original. They have been assembled in a factory or refurbished with non-original parts. Becasue of this, the quality may not be as good as an original.

In most cases it will be the LCD panel that is different. but also, the camera and in some instances, the housing can be aftermarket. So far with all the aftermarket LCDs, the ambient light sensor does not work. This is what controls the computers ability to adjust the keyboard backlight automatically based on light levels in the room. With these LCDs, this functionallity is not present, though the keyboard brightness can be controlled manually.

In newer models, the ambient light sensor also controlls the True Tone functionality of the computer. So with these Aftermarket LCDs, there will be no True Tone functionality either.

The demand on these Aftermarket LCDs has been very high since they are cheaper. For those who only want original LCD Assemblies, it is stil good that these aftermarket LCDs are available since it keeps the cost of the originals down.

If you have any further questions regaurding these LCDs, please post a question Here.